Viva Las Vegas Dracula Weddings
“Dearly beloved…You vant to get MARRIED?!”

October is the gorgeous weather month in Las Vegas, and our most popular one for weddings. The average daytime temperature is 82 degrees, so early evening weddings in our Gazebo or Garden Chapels are bound to be perfect. For Halloween, these outdoor settings are decorated with fall leaves, pumpkins, twinkling lights, and a variety of ghouls, so it’s perfectly okay to add a Grim Reaper, Dracula, Zombie Elvis or other monstrous minister to your outdoor package!

Indoors, the chapel is decorated as a cemetery, and your officiant comes out of a coffin in a dense mist. The special effects defy description, so we thought we’d post a ceremony on video to give you the general idea of how truly “fang-tastic” our Halloween-time weddings can be.

If there’s a bit of the “Goth” in you, you’ll appreciate our black rose bouquets and candelabra-lit chapel. We’ll customize any of our packages to suit your particular tastes. Visit us at to see all the incredible choices. Book early–it’s our busiest weekend of the entire year!

So all you Goth grooms, grab your ghoul, and plan your wedding night…before it’s too late!