Vegas Helicopter Wedding
Wedding Ceremony #1
About to take off over Las Vegas

When it comes to getting married, Tim and Diana of Seattle don’t mess around. After 13 years of ardent proposals by Tim, Diana finally consented to become his bride and make it legal, in a big way. First, the unbelievable Helicopter Wedding over the incredible lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Followed the next day (Diana’s 70th birthday, to boot) by a fun and touching Elvis ceremony at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Quipped the bride, “At our age, maybe we’ll be more likely to remember our anniversary if we do it twice!”

Diana and Elvis
Wedding #2
Happy Birthday to the Bride,
Double luck for the Groom!

The pair had hoped to do the helicopter wedding on Diana’s birthday, but when that didn’t work out schedule-wise, they decided to do two ceremonies, one “fun” and the other “spiritual,” according to the bride. Our chapel staff agreed that this very special couple deserved twice the fun and twice the memories to take home with them. We hope to see them back for a future wedding vow renewal, or two…? They may make their way through our entire menu of wedding packages! Best wishes and a lifetime of happiness to Diana and Tim!

helicopter over Vegas Strip
Tim and Diana wed while taking in the legendary lights of the Las Vegas Strip

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Two Weddings and a Birthday
Topping off two weddings with an unforgettable birthday kiss for Diana