Bachelor Party Fashion Disaster
Fashion Police Have Been Called
Even if you’re not getting married in Las Vegas, it’s by far the best place on Earth to host a bachelor or bachelorette party. Sami and Graham can vouch for that. Their group of mates came all the way from the UK to launch the festivities in outrageous fashion with a faux (let’s call it “practice”) Elvis wedding ceremony at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. WHY haven’t WE thought of this? Judging from this ceremony, EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT! Best of all, these guys will have photos and DVD as evidence of the whole thing, which we’re pretty sure they’ll never remember otherwise…

Sami stood in as the bride, looking fetching in white lace gown and platinum bob. Graham, the groom, wore some kind of Western wear and a fake mustache, most of the time, until it finally landed in the aisle during the commotion that the honored guests probably called dancing. The celebrants wore a wide array of eye-stinging fashions. Any blokes present who may not already be married will likely remain bachelors until they get an emergency fashion intervention.

We have no idea where this party went after the “wedding,” but suffice it to say, they definitely made an impression on Sin City. We think. Las Vegas also may be the only place on Earth where you can dress like this and more or less blend in. For more about our bachelor and bachelorette parties, have a look at:

Bachelor Party Guests
“We’re in Vegas? Let’s audition for Cirque du Soleil!”