Barb and Andy Fyfe,Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel‘s Couple of the Week, pillaged the hearts of our staff during their recent Pirate-Themed ceremony. As the pair swashbuckled down the aisle and promised to share their booty, music of the High Seas and theatrical fog filled the salty air. That’s just how we do things here at the chapel.

The radiant couple (and even their guests) were elaborately costumed, putting Jack Sparrow himself to shame. Literally. The Fyfe’s told us, ” We all went down to the TI in full costume after the ceremony. Everyone kept asking us when the (TI pirate) show started….One guy (a photo op) on the Strip was dressed as Jack Sparrow, and he got visibly upset when tourists asked to take a picture with our group. ‘Jack’ was charging, and we weren’t!”

What’s even more impressive is that the bride made all of the costumes herself. Because the newlyweds are big fans of Renaissance faires and period finery, Barb cleverly made parts of the wardrobe reversible, for future versatility.

When asked about their advice to others who may be considering a wedding at Viva Las Vegas, the Fyfe’s said, “Do it!  It’s absolutely the best way to bridge the gap between eloping and not. Have the key people you want, and skip the drama and stress. Spend the thousands you’ll save on a killer honeymoon. That’s what we are doing. Kauai in September!”

Congratulations to Barb and Andy!        pirate 2        May the wind be at your backs all the way to Kauai!          pirate3-2


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