Follow-up Blog from: 20130108_221352

At Twilight Let us Gather…


                           What:  A Wedding-Edward Cullen & Lauren Adkins

                    Where: Viva Las Vegas Weddings

                    When: January 26,2013 at 5pm

Edward and Lauren entered into their new eclipse, and celebrated their “new moon”  as partners of the night, in January.

Edward read his Bellas mind… as she thought, “I-Do,” “I-Will,” and “Forever.”

If anticipation kept making you wait…Here are the much awaited photos of the Lauren & Edward Cullen cutout ceremony.

Lauren was like every other Bride, excited for her big moment, and slightly jittery. As the big hand struck 12, the fog slowly rolled into the chapel~

Lauren slipped past her more than 100 guests down the aisle, to stand next to her entrancing Groom. Lauren looked radiant as she stared deeply into Edwards eyes. Edward stood tall, and

the smile he shared with so many…never left his face.

Mmmm another marriage brought to you by;

Your friends at the “world famous,” Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.