They were lucky in love and ready to plunge into married bliss. More than 100 couples made their way to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for their special ceremony. The A.P. ( Associated Press) were first on the scene to report on an incredible Pink Caddy wedding at 12 am on 12-12-12. It was the first wedding of this providential day.

Last years 11-11-11 brought in a whopping 230 weddings, and it was great fun with a lot of hard work. Having less weddings this year since it did not fall on a weekend, made every ceremony, all that more special. Limousine Chauffeurs had less traffic, and all the Brides made it to the chapel on time. It truly was a day of high energy and enjoyment.

So, as we waive goodbye to the last triple digit number date, we certainly look forward to next years…11-12-13.

Viva Las Vegas!