Did somebody say Disco?

It’s fun to play at the ~ V-I-V-A!

Drive down Las Vegas Boulevard on any given day and you will see characters spilling out of the chapel. Viva Las Vegas weddings offers themed weddings,vow renewals and commitment ceremonies for your big Las Vegas appetite. Weekends are wacky, and we always have a lot going on.

Aside from traditional ceremonies, we offer the largest selection of themed wedding/ceremonies in the city. We have a whopping 35 themed ceremonies to choose from. If it’s not on our list, we live by the motto…“If you can dream it, we can theme it.”

We also serve up 18 different Elvis style ceremonies that are sure to please. Why, you may even pick your Elvis. Will it be the white jumpsuit, the black leather or the pre-70’s gold lame’ wearing Elvis? To view our fabulously priced packages go to www.VivaLasVegasweddings.com or

give us a ring at 702-384-0771.