Viva Bride

Calling all recently engaged beauties…I am a wedding blogger for one of the most popular wedding chapels in Las Vegas. I also second as a Chauffeur for the chapel in between blogging. Or as I like to call it BLAH-ging. I see Brides almost daily and just love my job. I am always so surprised at the fact that in my three years working in the Bridal business,I have only seen one duplicate dress on a Bride. Amazing huh?

A Brides sense of fashion is different from one beauty to the next. We serve traditional Brides as well as non-traditional Brides. No two Brides are alike. A few weekends ago, I ran into a Bride with yet another unique Bridal bouquet, so I wanted to pass along the tip.

This stunning Bride had her friends and family all bring a brooch or lapel pin to her Bridal Shower. She then put together this awe-inspiring Bridal Bouquet that completed her fashionable look on her very special day. Cheers to you recently engaged Brides! Thanks to our striking Bride for the wonderful idea as well.

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