'The " Wedding


Vow Renewals are super popular these days. In fact, they are close to forty percent of the wedding chapels business. We see all sorts of great ideas daily, and some ordinary ones as well. To each his own, eh? However, every now and again, I see one that tickles my funny bone and this one was as adorable as ever… so I had to share.

Here’s the happy couple uhummmm how many years later? It was a vava voom vow renewal for this handsome couple at Viva Las Vegas Weddings and everyone was sporting their original couples wedding photo on their t-shirts. What a super idea for a wedding renewal! The party bus rolled up and everyone was donning the t-shirt and ready to see Elvis in his prime.

The "Va Va Voom" Vow Renewal

 It was an Elvis wedding vow renewal and our amazingly fun couple came out dressed in full costume. This vow renewal was planned out months in advance and was a true hit. I saw a sea of t-shirts and this wonderful group of family and friends who were just ready to whoop it up Vegas style. So much fun!

Cheers to another beautiful night at Viva Las Vegas, and to our spectacular guests. Keep ’em coming!

Sunset Vow Renewal