Jane Russell the ultimate pin-up gal we will miss you. Another beautiful icon gone, but not to be forgotten. I could just imagine how she may have looked in a bridal dress…  Hmmmm just imagine how smoky and sexy those wedding photos would have been? Why not consider a Rockabilly style wedding and be “THE” ultimate pin-up girl in our 50′s style diner? Or, meet our Elvis at the annual Viva las Vegas rockabilly weekend at the Orleans in Fabulous Las Vegas to wed your pin-up girl in front of your fellow Rockabilliers?

          Rockabilly weddings are such a hot trend. Now, for those of you reading this, April 22nd is the beginning of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend festival! Hot cars, hot guys and gals and a rockin time!Check em out at Vivalasvegasrockabillyweekend.net to see what they have in store for you. It should be a blast. All of that ink!!! I just love it. Last year we had a record number of Rockabilly style weddings. Just look for the hot pink convertable Cadillac and that’s where we’ll be…. Hope to see you here, or there, or…..give us call to reserve your wedding. It’s time to save the date! 702-384-0771.