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Ron DeCar's Event Center is the newest venue for Las Vegas wedding receptions, located right on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Old Tradition, the groom shouldn't see the bride until she walks down the aisle! New Tradition, getting hitched in Fabulous Las Vegas! Our "First Look" packages marry the old with the new.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings brides can ride in a separate limousine, primp with their wedding attendants in a luxury suite and enjoy individual wedding coordination.

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Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Video Archive

Weddings performed on or After February 1st, 2012 are located in the
"After February 1st, 2012 Wedding Archive."

Weddings performed Before February 1st, 2012 are located in the
"Before February 1st, 2012 Wedding Archive."

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel's Video Streaming services and Video Archive services are online starting February 1st, 2012. We are excited about these new services and the features we are able to offer our Las Vegas wedding couples. Please note; that as a result of these upgrades the Video Wedding Archive is now split into two groups: Weddings After February 1st, 2012 and Weddings Before February 1st, 2012. Please click the link below that applies to the date of your wedding ceremony.


Wedding Video Archive - On or After February 1st, 2012

Please click here for a Wedding performed On or After Feb. 1st, 2012!

Wedding Couples who were married on or after February 1st, 2012, your wedding is located in our modern video archive.


Wedding Video Archive - Before February 1st, 2012

Please click here for a Wedding performed Before Feb. 1st, 2012!

Wedding Couples who were married before February 1st, 2012, your wedding is located in our classic video archive below.


Video Archive before February 1st, 2012

Have your wedding posted in our Las Vegas weddings Internet archives

For future viewing your wedding video can be posted in our monthly video archives for a generous 60-90 days. The price for posting your video to the video archive is $25.00. We do not charge visitors to view your live wedding or access your wedding archive!

Want to preserve that memory forever? You can order a DVD of your wedding! Upon check in at the Chapel, our wedding coordinators will ask you if you want your indoor wedding streamed live. If you do not choose to stream your wedding, we cannot archive your ceremony later. Any other questions? Please ask the chapel. Your friends and family can also view your nuptials from any location worldwide, live on our Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Streaming Web-cam.

How long before my wedding video is in the Viva Video Archive?

It takes us about 48 hours to add your wedding video to the Viva Las Vegas Video Archive. If you don't see your wedding within 48 hours from your ceremony, please contact the chapel or Call us at (702) 384-0771, (800) 574-4450.

Do you have Real Player installed on your computer?

Download Real PlayerYou must have Real One Player Installed on your Computer to view the weddings! For support on RealPlayer or Realone Player software go to Real Player. Thank you, Thank you very much!


January 2012, Archived Weddings
December 2011, Archived Weddings
November 2011, Archived Weddings
T. Capillion Wedding J. Garris Wedding B. Kissane Wedding J. Blalock Wedding C. Siver Wedding P. Balsman Wedding H. Sra Wedding M. Connelly Wedding A. Havewood Wedding E. Verniere Wedding S. Strizalkowski Wedding E. Keister Wedding W. Blair Wedding T. McCray Wedding E. Lutnes Wedding J. VonDeck Wedding T. Fryman Wedding J. Gee Wedding N. Barguila Wedding N. Gargiulo Wedding R. Kirwin Wedding C. Brown Wedding P. Mellbin Wedding R. Wingo Wedding F. Konny Wedding A. Franks Wedding G. Silfverward Wedding A. Gipson Wedding T. Schwab Wedding R. Kimball Wedding P. Castillo Wedding E. Strada Wedding A. Reshaw Wedding S. LaRue Wedding W. Gershak Wedding B. Pemborke Wedding M. Yinger Wedding G. Hernandez Wedding F. Escobosa Wedding M. Nickel Wedding S. Deason Wedding T. Milbrand Wedding M. Bauduy Wedding J. Bolin Wedding S. Adams Wedding J. Cox Wedding N. Anderson Wedding T. Edwards Wedding B. Pou Wedding F. Botero Wedding P. Barnard Wedding B. Hitchner Wedding A. Freid Wedding W. Sutton Wedding A. Bishop Wedding S. Vicari Wedding J. Carton Wedding T. Smith Wedding S. Mhsseau Wedding M. Bonin Wedding S. Miller Wedding D. Whermiller Wedding A. Giles Wedding P. Torres Wedding J. Menendez Wedding J. Garcia Wedding R. McClure Wedding R. Ashman Wedding V. Pizzi Wedding M. Palmer Wedding N. Jones Wedding J. Sohyda Wedding S. Rosenthal Wedding J. Kramer Wedding D. Lowery Wedding D. Lummus Wedding C. Hillis Wedding E. Becker Wedding R. LaCapra Wedding B. Contant Wedding D. Miles Wedding J. Cimack Wedding T. Gogerty Wedding G. Griffin Wedding M. Sato Wedding B. Murray Wedding P. Trausch Wedding S. Abudu Wedding K. McNeilly Wedding M. Carlson Wedding A. Clark Wedding C. Harper Wedding P. Nomee Wedding K. Wenz Wedding C. Manton Wedding G. DeHey Wedding J. Mosqueda Wedding G. Bell Wedding W. Gaddie Wedding F. Baker Wedding D. Acosta Wedding J. Bloodworth Wedding B. Grice Wedding J. Adian Wedding A. Hartshorn Wedding F. Gonzales-Abrell Wedding J. Latasa Wedding R. Steck Wedding H. Zambrano Wedding O. Lhermillier Wedding J. Leyba Wedding M. Rowan Wedding M. Davis Wedding C. Schweyer Wedding A. McCurry Wedding R. Townsend Wedding J. Roberts Wedding J. Leopold Wedding S. Westbrooks Wedding S. Stanley Wedding M. Staff Wedding E. Rivera Wedding J. Finnigan Wedding E. Sens Wedding M. Rivers Wedding J. Schrader Wedding C. Lostra Wedding R. Buren Wedding A. Sanchez Wedding A. Macdonald Wedding D. Smith Wedding B. Warr Wedding J. Blue Wedding C. Winkle Wedding J. Hilson Wedding S. Gallucci Wedding M. Fallon Wedding G. Ford Wedding I. Ford Wedding E. Rivera Wedding A. Audibert Wedding E. Ringlen Wedding J. Boggs Wedding Z. Urban Wedding D. Fitzpatrick Wedding S. Angues Wedding J. Roig Wedding A. Colon Wedding M. Joseph Wedding S. Schuck Wedding J. Bogs Wedding B. Brown Wedding S. Weiss Wedding M. Galindo Wedding K. Johnson Wedding J. Frederick Wedding G. Romero Wedding D. Vanvalkemburgh Wedding J. Green Wedding J. Sloan Wedding D. Aguirre Wedding B. Zenor Wedding K. Harper Wedding D. Yoas Wedding S. Chappelle Wedding B. Scheiss Wedding T. Nelson Wedding M. Dehnkov Wedding D. Woolf Wedding Z. Urban Wedding J. Eneim Wedding T. Dunlavy Wedding V. Rivera Wedding R. Ownby Wedding M. Maestas Wedding E. Dibuono Wedding J. Penland Wedding R. Joest Wedding A. Fione Wedding P. Deaton Wedding K. Early Wedding K. Campbell Wedding M. Moyer Wedding D. Kingshot Wedding B. Davis Wedding J. Falls Wedding R. Booth Wedding P. Mims Wedding J. Contrerns Wedding T. Smith Wedding C. Nofuentes Wedding J. Mckamey Wedding E. Estrada Wedding K. Hays Wedding V. Ceron Wedding T. Peters Wedding J. Snodgrass Wedding B. Brown Wedding A. Cabello Wedding M. Strickland Wedding N. Ortiz Wedding J. Young Wedding D. Willden Wedding D. Myszka Wedding R. Simon Wedding G. Richards Wedding M. Toon Wedding C. Adamek Wedding G. Grabiec Wedding F. Ginn Wedding G. Lorenzo Wedding C. Coher Wedding R. Rutherford Wedding C. Cofer Wedding R. Cotton Wedding T. Selvera Wedding K. Luna Wedding J. Triantas Wedding T. Ramil Wedding A. Mehra Wedding M. Kadyk Wedding C. Opsal Wedding C. Frederick Wedding P. Mcneil Wedding T. Smith Wedding C. Coker Wedding S. Grima Wedding

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