First Look Packages

Old Tradition, the groom shouldn't see the bride until she walks down the aisle! New Tradition, getting hitched in Fabulous Las Vegas! Our "First Look" packages marry the old with the new.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings brides can ride in a separate limousine, primp with their wedding attendants in a luxury suite and enjoy individual wedding coordination.

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First Look Packages

Elvis Commitment Ceremonies in Las Vegas

Tie the knot with Elvis, without the legal paperwork, in an Elvis Commitment Ceremony!

If you want to say "I Do," without the legal documentation and fuss, a Commitment Ceremony is a great way to go. Elvis will walk you or your partner down the aisle, serve as minister as you exchange rings and promises, and even have you dancing to "Viva Las Vegas" or another of his iconic, rockin' hits. Elvis ceremonies are guaranteed to create memories to last a lifetime. What better way than an Elvis Commitment ceremony to say "I Want You, I Need You, and I Love You" forever?

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In 2013, Nevada's State Senate Joint Resolution passed, potentially legalizing gay marriage in the State of Nevada. It's still not a done deal, since Nevada voters will need to approve the amendment before it is passed into law. However you feel in regard to this issue, we at Viva Las Vegas Weddings have a history of supporting any couple that wishes to marry. We extend our warmest welcome to gay and lesbian couples who want to share their lives together, and to have formal (but fun) ceremony expressing their intentions.

From the beginning, we have proudly offered all of our wedding packages as commitment ceremonies--until a legal option becomes available. For us, such ceremonies include any two persons who wish to bind their lives together in love.

Viva Las Vegas Weddings offers more choices for fun and romantic commitment ceremonies than any other venue on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. While our Themed and Elvis Commitments are a lot of fun, we do also specialize in providing the most romantic traditional commitment ceremonies available. Our friendly and respectful staff will help you with all the choices. We want your commitment ceremony to be perfect for you. We promise to make your day one you'll always remember.

movie_reelViva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels were voted Best of Las Vegas 2000, 2007, 2010 and 2011 by our local Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper. Check out Las Vegas wedding video samples of our elegant traditional ceremonies, and our fantastic themed and Elvis packages.